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Heroic Yogg-Saron down!

I redesigned my UI to use centralized raid frames and oh, look! Yogg-Saron died! ;)

Now we've claimed Heroic: The Secrets of Ulduar! Everyone was alive and sane at the end of the fight as well! I did use my battle res though.

Fight background

We've sure had our fair share of setbacks the last month with people leaving the guild, poor signups, holidays, marriages, thunder storms, internet maintenance and serious problems with disconnects mid-raid (people that disconnect in this fight always come back online as permanently mind controlled, that's not at all annoying!). We've even had to cancel raids because of key persons missing. This didn't stop our efforts and everyone kept trying as best as they could each week anyway. We slowly kept getting closer and closer step by step. Had we been luckier then we probably would have claimed the kill 2-3 weeks ago but now it's done anyway.

My point of view

I've been tank/raid healing in P1. In P2 I've been the only healer going into the portals and helping out with Faerie Fire on the brain for the melee group and then being a designated tank healer in P3 without doing any decursing or removing poisons. We figured that druid hots is a good thing for the problems with line of sight you can have in the different rooms. The Dragon Soul room can be pretty hard, the throne room is the easiest by far. We used to go with three tanks but tonight one tank couldn't make it so we had to make it work with only two tanks and we did. I remove poisons and decurse those in range when not in portals during P2, I keep my sanity high and cast hots before entering portals on all the melee and hunters as much as possible so that I can keep everyone up even when not being in LoS or range.

Portal DPS has been sick and we've reached P3 in only 2 portals a couple of times. Most often the brain is at 40-45% when we enter the third portal and this is when I leave the brain room immediately since I'm of more use healing and getting in position up top.

Proud druid

Fight data

Below is the data for healing and damage done for the fight. It took us 13m 58s to get the kill. Someone recorded a video of our kill as well so I'll link to that when he has uploaded it to YouTube.

Healing done:

Damage done:

It's an awesome fight but you might loose your sanity from trying him week after week with so much trouble ;) The statistics of Deadly Boss Mods tells me we wiped 164 times before killing him.

Update: The Kill


Keeva said...

Glad you got there :)

Niniel said...

Thank you! =) It sure took some time.

Kae said...

Congratulations! Doubly so on the Drive Me Crazy, if you guys were having problems with disconnects :D

Kringol said...


Anonymous said...

Grats! =)

Niniel said...

Thank you, thank you. It feels great!

Aertimus said...

Congrats! Nice job rocking the meters too!!!

Niniel said...

Hots ftw! =)

Matt White said...

Congrats :) Also, really like the UI. Any chance you might share it sometime? ;)

Niniel said...

Thanks Matt! I've been polishing on that UI for about 2 years of raiding now, it's always evolving in some way.

Do you mean share it like zipped Interface+WTF folders or more of a description of what addons I use?