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XT-002 Deconstructor down and Kologarn at 4%

That's where it's at after our third adventure into Ulduar.

It's a fun fight, people need to get better at not leading his beams through the other raiders though. We'll continue tomorrow and hopefully get him down.


Aertimus said...

4 hours before me. Why do I try???

And by "Why do I try???" I really mean congratulations :P

The Monty Python Boss was TOO funny. (I've only done him on 10 man.) But I had NO idea there were going to be Holy Grail references in Ulduar!

Niniel said...

Haha, thank you! =)

Congratulations yourself then! You're at Kologarn too now?

Oh, Holy Grail reference? I must have missed that one, Deconstructor quoted something?

Niniel said...

I thought he sounded like the cookie in Shrek :)

Aertimus said...

Kologarn - "Shall not pass" and I think he says something about "a flesh wound".

I'm not sure if we are going to Kolgarn next or if we are going to do Razor, which we still haven't done. I actually think I would prefer Razorscale.

Niniel said...

Oh yeah! I thought of Shall not pass when I heard it but then I forgot about it. Yeah, go with Razor, feels more like doing them in the 'proper' order or so. :)