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Razorscale down!

After a few tries we got Razorscale down tonight!

This fight is all about movement. Stay in range of healing, get out of the fire, be effective with DPS uptime. Everyone in the guild has reenchanted their boots with Tuskarr's Vitality for increased running speed for all our progress raids. Melee reaches their targets quicker, healers get in range quicker of their targets and everyone gets out of the fire faster. I really recommend it! For the fight we split into left, middle and right groups. We've got a Death Knight tanking the especially nasty mob that sometimes appear which you can't go near and we maximized the DPS time by calling out before shooting the forth projectile so that all melee etc could get into position and not lose time running while the boss is on the ground. Adds were ignored while the boss is on the ground. DPS used potions of speed etc as well to boost their damage. In the last phase we had healers and DPS in the middle with a 3 tank rotation kiting the boss along the outer circle and all healers spam healing the current tank. Wild Growth and Nourish seems to be the recipe for most things now with hots on the tank.

We then went over and had a peek at Ignis the Furnace Master. The trash before him was cool ;) He's currently bugged though and it was insanely hard keeping people alive. He has an ability that our GM would like to call 'Slag pot - grabs someone and rubs them on his balls'

We decided it was no use and headed for XT-002 Deconstructor instead. I can assure you, you will burst out laughing the second you pull him! This was an interesting fight. Two phases, a bit like Solarian were you stand clumped up and debuffed people has to run away. Lots of raid healing needed! The second phase has adds of three kinds where at least the ones that explode and the ones that heals the boss needs to be killed. This fight is very doable as long as people pay attention to their debuffs and I think we'll get him on sunday on our next try.

I setup status in Grid for Gravity Bomb and Light Bomb to show as center icon. It helped a lot. I kept Regrowth on the MT, when people got Gravity Bomb I cast Regrowth or Lifebloom on them, when someone got Light Bomb I cast Wild Growth and Nourish on them and then back to Nourish on the MT.


Anonymous said...

"I guess it doesn't bend that way!"

Niniel said...

"A new toy? For meeeeee?"

Enmagi said...

You know actually, we were trying this guy in the same strat as you guys.. ranged clumped together and melee clumped together.. but we tried an alternative strat (cuz there was some sort of earthquake or something that was happening and between that and whoever was the lightbomb at the time.. we'd lose a couple right there)
we did it more like void reaver. have your ranged and healers stand in a circle around him, lots of breathing room. with extra space in the back for the melee gravity bombs (So they don't pull the tank out of position) and tank him in the center of the room. it actually made that earthquake part very easy to heal, and we weren't losing ppl anymore.

just a thought.

Niniel said...

Hi Enmagi, nice to hear from you again! That sounds like a good strategy too. He's been hotfixed now to not Tantrum and bomb at the same time so that will make it easier to heal through.

We'll be making our second try on him tomorrow where we'll be trying for the strategy from the video shown at http://www.stratfu.com/strats/XT002#Phase_One:_XT

How far have you gotten yet? Good luck with your raiding!