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Ulduar is great! Flame Leviathan down

It all started with the usual crap, instance servers crashing all the time and people getting stuck at loading screen so we lost the major part of the evening to just relogging and waiting.

Once inside the mood changed! It's fantastic in Ulduar! I didn't think I'd enjoy the vehicle part at all but it was really a lot of fun! I got to drive a motorcycle! :) We killed the first boss on our real proper attempt. Half the raid got stuck outside on the first go so he is really very easy.

We didn't have enough time to master the next encounter, Razorscale. I'm very happy with the difficulty of it though. We got him to about 20% on the last try of the evening and I'm fairly sure we'll get him down tomorrow. I'm not sure he'll be puggable for quite a while really. Having a hard time seeing randoms getting him down without a strategy but I may be wrong. I like having a challenge again anyway.

The dual spec is fantastic as well! I didn't think it would matter that much but the feeling of being able to switch to DPS at a moments notice makes all the difference when soloing. Now it feels like the character is complete! As a healer I've never really bothered killing stuff so I don't grind or do anything with that character really. If I'm not in a raid I've not bothered with anything else on my main and respeccing all the time has just been a cost and a hassle. Now the potential is unlocked and I'm very happy. I'm definitely going to enjoy playing my main a lot more in more aspects as the game has opened up now.


Aertimus said...

We zerged LF down on our 2nd try as well, about 15 minutes after the servers went up. We also got Shutout. We did not, however, have as much luck as you with Razorscale. We must be doing something very wrong.

Niniel said...

What's the cause of your troubles? Too little DPS, overrun by adds, not enough healing?

Aertimus said...

I think its the general lack of not standing in fire...

Niniel said...

That's a tricky one :)