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I got a Fragment of Val'anyr!

I'm extremely proud because I've been chosen to be the first to receive the legendary mace from Ulduar, Val'anyr - Hammer of Ancient Kings, on account of being the oldest, still active healer in the guild. It's 22 months now still going strong.

This thursday the first [Fragment of Val'anyr] dropped for me! Only 29 to go! ;)

I've also been extremely lucky to get the [Sea Turtle] from fishing, it's so cute! I got my first Ulduar loot: [Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed] and [Bracers of the Broodmother].

In our first week in Ulduar we went there on wednesday, thursday, sunday, monday and tuesday and we got 1 boss down per evening and got good experience from the next one. Yesterday on our first night this reset we got 5 bosses down on the first night. Flame Leviathan, Deconstructor, Kologarn, Council and Razorscale. This has set us up for good progress time for the rest of the week! I hope to see more content conquered!


Aertimus said...

Congrats on the fragment!!! We have had one drop so far. I sadly was not chosen to receive it nor was chosen as the back up... I guess I'm a little hurt. Yakra keeps trying to tell me its because people think its a paladin item.

So wow on raiding 5 nights a week! Is that normal, or just special because of Ulduar release? We only raid 3 nights a week and I couldn't convince Yakra to add an extra night for this week, just for fun.

Enmagi said...

Gratz on being the chosen one ;) /jealous ;)

Niniel said...

Thank you both! :)

No it was an exception to visit the place on the patch day. We only ever raid for 4 nights per week but this time everyone was so curious so we went on Wednesday too.

Anonymous said...

29 more to go till the legen.... wait for it.... dary

go Nin go Nin /dances ;P

Niniel said...

Hehe, thanks Hots! ;) 28 now! :D