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I just found a gem of a resto druid blog, Dreambound by Kae! Do yourself a favor and head on over and sift through those posts. It's Phaelia/Keeva level for sure. Fantastic posts containing theory crafting, macros, addons and custom comics :) This one is going to be big!

Hi there, I'm Kae, player of WoW and druid since July of 2005. I work part-time for a university in Virginia, and in game, have been an officer in a few raiding guilds over my years of play. I am married, have two cats, and would like to have a puppy some day when my husband and I don't have a landlord that prohibits them! I also have a 20-gallon freshwater fishtank with a bunch of live plants.

Welcome to the blogosphere Kae!


Kae said...

*blush* Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

Averna said...

Yay, a new blog to troll!! =P

Thanks for alerting me to this one... I hadn't seen it before. A good find!

Aertimus said...

Oh Snap - thanks for finding that and passing it on!!!