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Auriaya down! (Finally)

We messed this one up a bit. It took us a lot longer than it should have though we were plagued with disconnects if that's any excuse. We actually spent all 4 hours of the sunday raid wiping on her. 5k gold in guild bank repairs that was. We assumed the worst and thought the pull was much harder than it was so we clumped up and had trouble with aggro distribution. In the end we fixed it with two distracts, a misdirect and a Death Knight tanking 2 cats across the room in LoS of the raid. We killed the Feral Defender once I think.

I also got my second legendary fragment! Woot!

Need to share some guild chat love too:

Shaman: A boss in Naxx that is hard? :o
Priest: Is there one?
Paladin: lol naxx
Me: The cat in the start goes into hard mode if you left him alive then down KT.
Paladin: lol
Paladin: Mr Bigglesworth?
Me: Yes
Paladin: really?
Me: ofc
Druid: lies
Warrior: lol
Druid: What does hardmode cat do?
Me: He purrs
Paladin: o i c
Me: for 10k
Druid: /head hits desk
Me: He has an AoE meow
Me: He can randomly spawn meowcenaries too
Druid: ROFL
Paladin :'(
Druid: meowcenaries
Paladin: so terrible
Druid: omg i loled in RL
Paladin: nerd
Paladin: bet you said 'lol'
Priest: lol
Priest: that made me laugh


Anonymous said...

WTS paladin + priest -.-

Gz on killy Auriaya

28 to go an counting

luv Druid ;P

Niniel said...

Hehe, thanks! :)

Enmagi said...

We got her.. interesting fight. It was fun times.

Niniel said...

Congratulations! :)

Now that we know it's ok to stand where it shouldn't be ok to stand it's not as troublesome for us.

I didn't get a screenshot but we've gotten Freya down now too and are working on Thorim. Lightning...ouch :)