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Vehices and running out of content

Last night was a highly efficient raid. First run of the week and within 1 hour we had downed Sarth + 3 and one shot Malygos in the 25 man versions. We could have gone and cleared all of Naxx as well within the raid time limit but we decided to save it until sunday. Wintergrasp wasn't in alliance control so Archavon wasn't an option.

It's a bit boring to clear all the 25 man content in one night after all and it's fun to have something left to do. I'm currently a bit bored in general with WoW but it will change of course. I just log on for raids or to make some money on AH lately, I'm currently at 38 000g. There's still all of Icecrown left for me to quest in but I might wait until dual spec is here so that switching between resto for raids and moonkin for solo play becomes smoother.

During the last weeks we've cleared Sarth 3 and Malygos on thursdays in about 2 hours then all of Naxx on sunday in about 3 hours and then having three 10 man groups on mondays with tuesday being a day off. Tuesdays are leaning toward possible alt 25 mans as things stand now. The guild also managed to get the 'of the Nightfall' title last reset which is nicely done.

When Ulduar lands we'll be dropping Naxx/Malygos/Sarth completely and run Ulduar 4/4 nights per week. I read that there are vehicles involved in the boss fights. At least the first one being some gauntlet with three different vehicles. I really wish that vehicles could stay out of the raids, it's just my personal opinion though. I think it's fine to have them as a part of daily quests as a cool gimmick. When in the mood you can do those dailies or you can choose not do them. I really don't like phase three of Malygos, I haven't bothered with the Oculus last boss and I haven't done a single Wintergrasp battle and I've never done Strand of the Ancients because I choose to avoid vehicles if possible. I'm not a big fan of PvP either though.

The problem with including vehicles in raids is that I can't avoid them. Sure you can have vehicles in some instances because I can choose not to do those instances or you can have them in PvP because I don't do that or I can avoid the dailies which I don't like but if there's vehicles in Ulduar which is the place I'll be going for the next raid level then I can't avoid it at all. I'll be running Ulduar for months and will have to endure that vehicle part every week.

I think vehicles should stay as a cool gimmick but not become such a core mechanic. I haven't heard a single person say something positive about Malygos phase 3 and isn't the general opinion that nobody does Oculus at all due to the last boss? I do think most people think the daily quests involving vehicles are fun though. I'm not sure if people in general like vehicular PvP.

I'll post my sixth screenshot when I get home Aertimus ;)


Enmagi said...

I agree about the vehicles.. If I wanted to be the same as everyone else, I would play a game where there was only one class, one race. One set of ppl, with one set of buttons.

I'm a druid healer, not some generic player on a dragon vehicle(with dragon buttons that are the same as everyone else's dragon buttons..) that's why I hate p3 of maly. where's my druid stuff? I lose my individuality.

Aertimus said...

I hate vehicles too, but my hatred is less about losing my individuality and more about losing my UI... I don't know what mod I'm running that makes vehicle screw up my action bars, focus, etc, etc... but it really ticks me off.

LOKI got 3 drakes down 1 week ago, and Tuesday we marched back in there and cleared 3 drakes and Maly in under 30 minutes INCLUDING travel time and raid invites! We were able to make Wed raid last the whole time by working on Naxx Achievements, but now we have Sundays off. We only raid 3 days a week... I can't imagine how guilds who raid 4 or more days a week feel...

erumel said...

I agree Enmagi, I don't like loosing my spells either.

Congratulations Aertimus on Sarth +3! That's awesome!

I suppose they feel a bit lost after having cleared everything. I think there needs to be larger parallel content in each raid tier. Not just a simple Sarth/Malygos like Gruul and Magtheridon as option to Naxx. It should be more like SSC had the Eye, BT had Hyjal. Maybe Malygos and Sarth feels to small and can be cleared too quickly.

Will Ulduar be the single place to go in that tier or will there be another place to raid as well? I read something about Ruby dragonshrine?