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Heroic Sartharion down with 2 drakes up

First night trying for me and down he went!

I think the 10 man version with 1 drake up was harder than this one. You just need to watch the ground, avoid the waves and deal with adds really.


Keeva said...

Grats and well done! :D

erumel said...

Thank you! =)

Anonymous said...


I have to say the 25m version of Sart is far easier imo. 3 drakes is getting to be a joke now that ppl are paying attn better.

GL to you on going for 3 drakes. btw, I got the twilight drake last night... a few ppl complained since I was a druid and have swift flight form. oh well!

erumel said...

Congratulations on the drake! =)

Keeva said...

Wow, they seriously complained because you have flight form?

I suspect they were annoyed at you because they assume you won't get much use out of it because you'll use flight form for convenience.. but that's really nobody's call to make. I still use my flying carpet and headless horseman mount for fun.

Kinda reminds me of back in vanilla when people would argue that if the Baron's mount dropped, it should go to someone who didn't have an epic mount yet, because it was unfair for someone who already had a mount to get a second one that they didn't "need".

I didn't need (nor do I really like) the bronze drake from Strat but I collect pets and mounts so I rolled for it just like everyone else - why does someone deserve a mount more than me, just because they will sit on the Dalaran landing pad for hours showing it off? Pshhh.

......but you'd better believe I'd sit there with a blue or purply one! Can't wait to get mine.

Aertimus said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on this achievement. Do you happen to be able to link a decent Guide for approaching this fight as we repeatedly failed soon after Vesperon created his portal.

erumel said...

I've got two links for Sartharion 25 with 3 drakes but it might be better than nothing: