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First 10 man Naxx for me

We've decided to spend thursdays doing 10 man raids as three nights should be enough to clear all 25 man content.

Last night was thus my first 10 man Naxx experience. I was a bit anxious because we ran with 2 healers, another resto druid and I. It took us 4 hours to clear the first four wings but the only real trouble we had was completing the Momma said knock you out achievement on Faerlina(2 wipes). I wasn't specced for Healing Touch and just hots was a bit slow to keep up with her Frenzy. Heigan was very easy with two Wild Growths and so was Noth, Gluth and the others. Patchwerk wasn't any trouble either though I thought he would be.

We did two 10 mans to compete in the guild and the other team managed to clear all of Naxx and get a few more achievements done.


Anonymous said...

Gz, its such a imba instance, my favourite boss by miles got to be gluth, just so crazy ;P


erumel said...

Thanks! :)

My favorite ones must be Heigan, Four Horsemen, Grobbulus, Thaddius and Kel'Thuzad!

Enmagi said...

we only ever run with 2 healers, though I've never done it with 2 druids.. that would be interesting. it's pretty easy sauce.. I like heigan so long as I don't run into any lag.

erumel said...

Burst damage presented a problem but otherwise it was fine going on 2 healers, I guess that's the norm for 10 man?

enmagi said...

i'm surprised that'd be a problem with two druids .. all those hots would kinda negate burst damage.. esp with all your instant fixes.. (if you have good reflexes)

i hadn't noticed burst damage, but i did notice that 25 man healing was kinda.. boring.. much less fun i guess that means less challenging..

erumel said...

Well with burst damage I meant specifically Faerlinas frenzy which we didn't dispel for the achievement. I think the problem was that I was alone on healing the MT while the other druid was raid healing. My hots + swiftmend wasn't enough when she did frenzy and I think there were no hots except mine ticking so we switched so that I was on raid healing instead. The other druid had talents for HT and I kept my hots on the MT too and that made a difference.

Enmagi said...

ah, yeah I could see that.

My guild doesn't break up healing like that unless we find we need to (like 4 horseman you have to assign it due to spacing)
Last night we assigned healing for malygos 10 man cuz the other druid I was with was slightly undergeared and we were ooming cuz we were overhealing each other.

We're a very cohesive team though, my pallies seem to know which spikes I will swift and which they should be taking care of. the other druid in my guild is a simple hotter- she just throws hots out, times regrowths to land but rarely swifts.. which worked well with my style of saving anyone and everyone needing saved ;) now that I have the glyph where my hot doesn't get removed it isn't as big a deal but yeah..

anyway, not assigning healing actually resolved that issue for us cuz then everyone's hots are there cuz everyone is looking out for everyone ;)

It doesn't work for many guilds but my healers seem to get it, and it works very well for us.

erumel said...

Ah that's a different way than what we are doing.

We have dedicated chat channels for tanks, healers and dps because we don't use voice chat. The raid leader then instructs everyone so that you only get the relevant info and not get spammed to death. I'm pretty sure he has macros for most of it prepared or using Notepad to paste stuff.

We always assign tank healers and then just say that the rest are on raid healing. For 10 mans one person has tank responsibility while the other covers the raid and you should backup each other when possible.

enmagi said...

We have heal/tanks/melee/ranged etc chat channels in game and we also use vent. but healing is only assigned when there seems to be a problem or again, the fight seems to call for it.
Sometimes my team will self-assign when the fight seems to call for it- "I'll take so and so" or "I'll go left" but at lot of it simple gets done w/o having to say anything.. it's the most amazing thing.