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Someone please remove this chair!

I'm stumbling over it all the time. I wish there was a smooth path to the kitchen from where I'm standing. It really makes no sense to put a chair right there.


Kulat/Kriyet said...


I've gotten stuck on this almost every day I've done a cooking daily.

Why are we running through a crowded lobby? Really, Blizz needs to hire a set designer.


CC said...

Post of the year, this seriously made me lol.

/signed btw

Aertimus said...

One more reason why I'm glad I have my husband make all my food for me!

erumel said...

Hehe, the designer for Blizzard are usually so good. Somehow this chair slipped through the clutches of the quality department.

That sounds like a nice agreement Aertimus, does it extend to offline life as well?

Enmagi said...

I totally agree, I've gotten used to hitting the space bar at just the right time so that I'll get *unstuck* cuz I'm forever getting stuck on that damn chair.