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My leveling and exploration statistics

Wrath has been out for 20 days by now and I've been able to play for various lengths on 12 of those days. Some days for maybe 2 hours and if it's been a weekend then almost for the whole day.

I'm level 77 by now and I've completely finished Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra and I'm about to finish Dragonblight. When I say finish a zone I mean having done all the quests in the zone and completely explored and enjoyed it, finding my way in it in my sleep. I've done the first four instances once each on normal difficulty: Utgarde Keep, the Nexus, Azjol-Nerub and Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom.

This is me, enjoying the game my way. There are different types of players and I certainly don't think I'm enjoying it more than those who rushed to Naxx to start raiding as soon as possible. I do know though that I need to do it this way to enjoy it the most because it's how I do things, carefully with reflection. Raiding will commence when I'm ready for it, a bit of a shame though that I'm not there to help as the guild brings down all the first kills. It means that I feel a bit left behind of course but I'm hoping that I'll be able to catch up before the next raid content patch. I don't want to catch up at the cost of my content experience.

This all means that at my current rate it takes me about 4 days of playing to finish a zone completely and I level about 58% of a level per day. This involves raising trade skills, enjoying the scenery a lot and loving the lore behind the quests.

This weekend I created a Death Knight and raised Inscription to 350 on him. After having done so I regret not starting one and selling all those glyphs during the first week of the expansion. It would have been so easy for me to prepare all the herbs needed since my main is an herbalist and having played through the Death Knight zone on Beta I could have been in Stormwind selling high level glyphs after three hours making a fortune. I'm a bit surprised at the low cost of some glyphs since they are "permanent" for the character and won't need to be replaced like enchants will always need to be reapplied for new gear. The rate of new characters can't be anywhere near the rate of new gear?

I've been selling some glyphs at a decent price of course but since I won't level my Death Knight beyond 58 for a long time I won't have access to the Northrend glyphs and the market is quite saturated already. I appreciate that I've lost about 700 gold raising inscription, that is unless my glyphs currently on AH sell, then I might just make a marginal profit.

Anyway, it's not that bad, I've been busy with work and other offline activites that I don't regret at all so I'm fine with losing that business opportunity which a new profession and expansion provides. It's nice to think about all the gold I could have made but since I don't regret not playing more these last weeks I'll get over it :)

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