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Druid Macro Improvements

This is me sharing my macros and asking for advice if you can think of any ways to improve the following druid specific macros which I use. Everything from making the expressions shorter by using abbreviations or making them smarter. I like having #showtooltip along if there's room for it.

A list of the things I've thought of so far:

  • Replace /cast with /use because it's shorter

  • Remove whitespaces

  • Use [form instead of [stance because it's shorter

  • Use [mod: instead of [modifier:

I'm well aware that these macros are not for everyone and I've had very little feedback on them but I find that they go well together and work very good with how I play my druid.

Third mouse key above scroll wheel: This one does a few things ;)
/use [form:1]Challenging Roar;[stealth]Pounce;
[mod:Ctrl,target=focus]Wild Growth;
[nocombat,flyable]Swift Flight Form;
/cancelform [form:6]

Second mouse thumb key: Attention grabber, cat finisher, Swiftmend, Prowl
/use [form:1]Growl;[form:3,combat]Ferocious Bite;
#showtooltip Prowl
/cancelaura [stealth]Prowl;

Same as above, Moonkin version (I swap these two depending on spec). Second mouse thumb key: Attention grabber, cat finisher, Force of Nature, Prowl
/use [form:1]Growl;[form:3,combat]Ferocious Bite;
[form:5/noform]Force of Nature;[form:3,nostealth]Prowl;
#showtooltip Prowl
/cancelaura [stealth]Prowl;

My § key: Self heal etc
/use [form:3]Maim;[form:1]Lacerate;
[mod:Ctrl,target=player]Wild Growth;[target=player]Rejuvenation;

Keyboard button: 2. Typhoon utility
/use [mod:Alt]Soothe Animal;[mod:Shift]Hibernate; Typhoon

First mouse thumb key, moonkin version
/use [form:1]Frenzied Regeneration;[stealth]Ravage;
[form:3]Shred;Nature's Grasp;

First mouse thumb key, resto version
/use [form:1]Frenzied Regeneration;[stealth]Ravage;
[form:3]Shred;Nature's Swiftness;

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