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Daily quest addon and Achivements addon

I've been writing some small posts here lately recommending a few addons. I haven't gotten any feedback on it so I'm not sure if it's appreciated or not but I know I like to improve my UI and gaming experience with addons so maybe there are others like me. Give me a shout if you try them on and like them, it would make me glad to have been able to help.

Dailies Quest tracker
Nicely integrated quest tracker in fubar. I don't think it's completely up to date on all Wrath dailes but according to the author updates are on it's way.
Dailies Quest Tracker

Some improvements to the UI and some nice features for all those achievers out there.

Also, if you read my post about Widget Meters you'll want to know that it's reputation bar goes well together with FactionFriend by Gazmik Fizzwidget, specifically these two features below.
* Automatically switches the Blizzard builtin reputation watch bar (i.e. the “Show as experience bar” option in the Reputation pane) when entering certain zones. (Argent Dawn in Plaguelands, Zandalar Tribe in Zul’Gurub, etc.)
* Outside of those zones, automatically switches the reputation watch bar when gaining reputation. (If gaining reputation with multiple factions at once, the bar will switch for only the first.)


Skarrde said...

Would love to see an addon that takes a screen shot everytime you got an achievement done. Would go perfectly with Path of a hero website.

erumel said...

Found it!

Achievement SS:

Also found Multishot:
It also takes screenshots for boss kills, leveling or getting an achievement

erumel said...

Read that something might be wrong with the timer of Achievement SS addon so that it takes the SS too soon. Worth checking out anyway.