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QBar addon

Ok, I've found and installed another addon which I want to share:
Ever been questing and had to find all those usable quest items in your bags all the time, then this addon is for you. No longer will you have to keep your bags open to do daily bombing quests!

It's like IHML only for more than just daily quests though without the macros for boss fights etc. IHML hasn't been working for me in Wrath but I hope to see and upgrade or maybe it's just me doing something wrong. Anyhow, QBar makes leveling through Northrend easier as it provides you with a dynamic bar for all quest items with /use effects.


Poule said...

cheers for that. i waste so much time playing WoW i mean looking through my bags for that dam quest item... this will be useful. i will install it tonight!

erumel said...

You're welcome! I've been using for a while now and it really helps the pace of questing a lot!