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Shortcut to Illidan

Sorry to disappoint you, it doesn't exists as far as I know...yet.

It wouldn't be a bad thing if it did though from my point of view as Wrath is closing in. Much like how Vashj and Kael'thas were made accessible without clearing the whole instances first I predict that Illidan will perhaps be made more accessible in a future patch or in Wrath.

With multiple kills of Illidan already and Brutallus being our current progress boss there's just not enough time with 4 raiding nights per week to fully clear Mount Hyjal and Black Temple and still make a lot of good progress in Sunwell. Most of us only need upgrades from either Archimonde or Illidan now anyway.

Our first night of the week are now either a clear of the first seven BT bosses or the first four in Hyjal and up killing Teron in BT. Our two priorities are to kill Illidan every week and make progress on Brutallus. The most part of Black Temple is now just a long stretch of mindless grinding which presents little challenge and few upgrades. Almost all the loot gets disenchanted or goes for offspec. Last week we only had two people roll for Illidans T6 chest, both as offspec.

I suggest that if you've killed Illidan before then some shortcuts could be enabled, either on an individual level or guild based. Options to make Black Temple more accessible would be to enable the first teleport to Akama from the start. Seeing as Akama is quite important he would be the first mandatory boss and since neither Teron, Gurtogg or Reliquary of Souls are on the way then Mother could the second boss, Council third and Illidan fourth. It would enable more time for progress and less grinding. It's not that the bosses are hard by now anyway, it's just that there's quite a few of them to kill just to reach Illidan.


Scaith said...

Is there any way to buy someone elses BT ID? Like a guild still progressing through it, hasn't kill reliquary or something? just hand them 2-5k gold for their bank and their you go. 1 hour BT clears.

erumel said...

I'm sure it's possible if someone doesn't want to finish it and others want a head start. It doesn't sound financially smart though and would be more cumbersome than just having Blizzard opening up the door to Mother.

Scaith said...

IDK that's what we used to do, we used to sell BT loot at like 2.5kG an item back in the day which funded our free guild repair bills and what not.

Anonymous said...
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