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My highlights from the WotLK Beta patch notes

* Entangling Roots: Can now be used indoors.
Great change! Don't underestimate the power of nature. I think it should be able to break through stone floors etc.

* Improved Mark of the Wild (Restoration): Now a 2-point talent, down from a 5-point talent.
Less bloat and more points to spend on other nice things can't be a bad thing!

* New Spell: Revive - Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat. (Ranks 1-7 added)
Wow! I really mean it. This is wonderful news, finally I can help resurrect people after wipes and I won't feel weird not being able to resurrect as a single healer anymore. This will really help druids as main healers in instances when there are no other resurrecting classes in the group.

* Omen of Clarity (Restoration): Now a passive spell. Now also works for spells (healing and damage). Proc rate is roughly 6% with a 10 second internal cooldown.
Not only a talent for ferals anymore which I had during my 0/30/31 period. I didn't mind buffing it that much but it happened that you forgot it sometimes.

* Remove Curse can now be used in Tree of Life form.
A good thing. I hope there is time to heal in between removing curses and poisons though.

* Soothe Animal can now be used on Dragonkin as well as Beasts.

* Soothe Animal is now instant cast.
Yay for peaceful herbing!

* Tree of Life (Restoration): 30% snare penalty has been removed.
I'm now looking forward to not falling behind everywhere.

* Tree of Life (Restoration): You can now cast all Restoration spells (Healing Touch) in the form, but Tree of Life now only reduces the mana cost of your healing over time spells (Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, Regrowth and Flourish) by 20%.

It looks like encounters Archimonde will become very Tree of Life friendly. The main tank now gets the healing aura, I can decurse people all around and still run away from doomfires. I wonder how the animation will look with a tree at full speed though?

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