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My death knight name

I've figured out what I'm naming my future death knight now. I found it when looking through names in demonology.

Merihem is considered the prince of the spirits or demons of pestilence, and responsible for all plagues and diseases.

How's that for suitable? Diseases being a primary weapon of the Death Knight class and all.

Here is a link to a lot of screenshots from the Death Knight quest chain that makes me want to create one immediately! The Light of Dawn.

Having looked at that, I think that the first thing I'm going to do in Wrath is to create a Death Knight and at least play through the starting zone and complete that quest chain before doing anything else. It seems to contain so much lore and awesome scenes that I wouldn't want to go to Northrend on any character before having seen that introduction. I wouldn't want to see Tirion in Northrend before having seen him in the Plaguelands as it would feel like skipping content or seeing things in the wrong order.

After that start I would at least have a basic understanding of what the class can do, making it easier for me to group up with other Death Knights as well as understanding where they are coming from in a lore perspective.

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