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Raiding resto build for druids (19/0/42)

I've decided to do a small tweak on my current talent build changing it into this: (19/0/42)

I'm moving one point from Vengeance to Improved Regrowth giving me 50% crit chance instead of 40%. Regrowth is cheaper since the last patch and another 10% crit chance is nothing to frown at as I've found I'm using the spell more nowadays.

I'm getting 3/3 points in Brambles at the cost of Improved Moonfire and another point from Vengeance. Phaelia at http://www.resto4life.com wrote a nice article about the benefit of Brambles in december last year with some solid math backing up her arguments as usual.

I'm basically making my solo play a bit weaker at the benefit of more healing done and more threat generated by the tanks. Especially so in AoE tanking situations.

Black Temple can use some more healing done and more threat for the tanks in the Hyjal waves is also helpful.


Bell said...

Congratulations on getting so far into Hyjal and BT!

Your build is a lot like mine, only I have about 14/0/47. I took Natural Perfection and Improved Tranquility; my spec may be a bit more PvP and Five- and Ten-man based, however. I find Tranquility invaluable in those situations, and would hate to have the threat over 2K heals on 5 people a second would generate.

I also took Nature's Grasp over Starlight Wrath, and Improved Moonfire over Focused Starlight. At that point I could only have one point in Brambles, which is still enough to make the other druids jealous ;) I may not have as easy a time soloing as you, but I find I don't come across many problems, either. Just some slowness at times.

I'm glad to see a resto druid raiding Hyjal/BT without spec'ing pure 0/0/61!

erumel said...

Thank you!

Your build makes perfect sense for your style. I don't PvP at all on my druid so I've skipped those talents.

I think I'm doing very well in Hyjal and BT with "only" 42 points in resto. You really don't need any more than that if you play using HoTs.

I love the tree of life picture on your blog by the way. It looks like a Frankenstein Tree of Life being experimented upon.

Anonymous said...

wat are d gears for ur build??

erumel said...

Hi there, sorry I haven't noticed that last question until now.

Currently my healing set is a combination of t5 and t6 with some SSC, Eye, Hyjal and Black Temple gear.

As dps caster set there's mostly T4 and SSC/Eye gear.

My armory profile can be found here: