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Meet Snarly and Teron

I'm now a proud owner of Snarly, a cute new pet from the daily fishing quest.

In terms of raiding we are steadily hitting 4/5 in Hyjal and doing progress in Black Temple. Last night was our first try on Teron Gorefiend.

We had several good attempts where plenty of people got to try stopping constructs from reaching the raid. We had a few tries where we got him to 35% and even a crushing wipe on 1%! DPS was insane, apparently on most of our tries we had over 20k raid dps. The constructs always reached the raid though which caused our wipes. I'm confident that we will get him as soon as everyone has gotten comfortable with handling them.

These are the important abilities you get as a ghost to stop them.
  • Spirit Lance - 3 - Long Range 6175-6825 damage, Slow -30% Movement Speed for 3 Seconds, Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Spirit Chains - 4 - Short Range AoE Shackle 1900-2100 Damage, Shackle Lasts 5 Seconds, cooldown 15 Seconds.
  • Spirit Volley - 5 - Short Range AoE 9900-12100 damage, cooldown 15 Seconds.
You can click the mobs to target them and then press the keyboard to cast the spells or you can tab-select the mobs and click the pet/action bar. I found it much easier to click the mobs to select them and press the keyboard to cast my spells.

I'm using Bongos for my action bars and it didn't automatically switch out my main action bar. It did show me a pet bar though with the spells. I solved it by putting the following three macros on action bar #5 so when I'm about to die I press Shift+5 as a shortcut to reach it.
/cast Spirit Chains

/cast Spirit Volley

/cast Spirit Lance

We are having another go at Teron tonight so we'll see how it goes.

The Quel'Danas badge vendor also opened shop on Kilrogg-EU today. I might swing by later to see what she has to offer.

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