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Gurtogg Bloodboil down!

Tonight on our second visit and our first night of focusing on him, Gurtogg fell after only a few tries (on the 12:th pull ever).

I really expected this fight to take a couple of nights to master as there's a few things to learn, it's a mobile fight and very demanding on healing. The whole raid did a great job with positioning, tanking, dps and healing. It didn't take long until everyone had the fight figured out, I'm very happy to be a part of such a skilled group of players.

I figured I might as well start to collect spell haste gear too so I got [Belt of Primal Majesty]from Gurtogg. I haven't read up on how much I need to affect the global cooldown but I will.

We got Teron down for the second time ever before Gurtogg and had a peek at Reliquary of Souls before the raid was over.

Here is also a picture of Akama having been saved which I haven't posted yet.

One thing that I've never mentioned here is that we are not using any kind of voice communication during our raids. No in-game voice, no Ventrilo, no Teamspeak. All communication is done through the raid chat channel and raid warnings, that's the way we've raided since Karazhan and it has worked for us. Does anyone find that strange or is it usual to do it like that? Our raid leader is very fast at typing, he needs to be! =)


Megan said...

Nice job, I've heard that fight is crazynuts for healers.

erumel said...

Thank you! =)

It is crazy, thank God for CoH priests and Shamans to cover the bloodboil.

Anonymous said...

Grats on your kill, Bloodboil is coming up shortly for My guild as well.

I do think it's a little odd to not use voice communication... particularly given that there is an in-game option available at no extra cost. I think voice chat is incredibly valuable and cuts down on error and speeds up progress substantially. However I will say this: impressive that you are able to do without it, and achieve as much as you have (a step ahead of us for one, and we use TeamSpeak). So: unusual, yes. Criminal? Clearly not!

Before I joined My current guild I was involved in a coalition of guilds that raided MC without voice chat. The raid leader was rather reluctant to utilize it. He came up with a series of communication macros that he used to direct the raid. Personally, though... I am glad to use TS. Raids would not be nearly as much fun in My guild without it.

erumel said...

Thank you!

I'm not oppposed to using voice, I've done some non guild raids with Teamspeak as well and it's a lot of fun!

Actually I wouldn't mind at all if we used it but there was a brief discussion about it when the voice patch came and the decision was made not to use it. Perhaps because we had done really well without it and maybe the raid leader just didn't feel comfortable using it.

There have been moments where it would have helped but it works fine using boss strategies on the guild forum and discussing the fight just before doing it so everyone knows what to do.

Good luck with Bloodboil!