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Great addon for dailies and raid bosses

I'd like to recommend a very useful addon called IHML.

It makes daily quests much easier and also certain raid bosses where macros are useful. "IHML will save all your boss macros and swap in the right one whenever a BigWigs boss module is enabled. It can also swap by zone. IHML will only use one macro slot and will work with any action bar addon that you can put a normal macro on."

It also has a lot of predefined macros already configured. It works perfectly. Go get it!


Phaelia said...

This sounds awesome! Thank you for sharing it. Also, I love your blog banner. =)

SuraBear said...

AWESOME find. I've been having to cut back on my macros lately due to boss macros overcrowding my available space, and remembering to swap macros is always a chore (Especially since I use the same icon for all my boss macros as a sort of filter).

erumel said...

Phaelia: You are very welcome! :)
I'm happy you like my banner, I wanted it to be expressive.

Surabear: I know what you mean, my character specific macros are completely full. I hope this one will help you out!

Megan said...

Great addon!