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Distraction at the complete failure quest

Do I need to tell you what a complete failure the "Distraction at the Dead scar" quest is? I've flown through it four times now and still not managed to get all mobs for it. I assume it's extra hard because everyone is doing it right now but the amount of time it takes to fly down there and back is just silly for having to do it over and over and over and over and over again...it's terrible quest design. If there's a chance it will take several times to complete it then don't force me to wait that long with no control of my character. Terrible!


Anonymous said...

grab 2 or 3 friends (or just anyone really..) and get in a group. have everyone start the flight at the same time, so you're all practically on top of each other as you go.

it still sucks, but at least you get credit for each others hits, and your hits stack for the mobs that take more then one to down.

much easier to finish in a "pug" then alone!

erumel said...

Thank you, that's a clever thought! I'll do that from now on :)

Andrew said...

I solo it. Took me 3 flights the first time, then 2 the next. I'll be aiming for one, which should be doable once the crowds subside.

Practice makes perfect - why chalk personal failure up to poor quest design?

erumel said...

I posted while being frustrated having to wait to have another go. I don't mind if I'm not making the run in the first try but I didn't like losing control of my character like that. It felt like having to fly back and forth between Stormwind and Ironforge for no particular reason.

I did solo it as well after a few times but I can't say that I enjoyed the prolonged flying in between the tries.

Anonymous said...

7 goes the first time
Then 5.
Then 2.

Target the sorcerers first, then the Pit Lords and then the others. Learn the positions of the mobs, and how to move to camera to give you two quick shots at the bigger ones.

Have the bombs hotkeyed, so you can reactivate them real quick.

erumel said...

Thanks Leafshine, I hadn't considered target order that much.

I feel that I've got the camera work and the keybound bombing under control. The quest will probably become easier when it's less crowded. On some runs there wasn't even any sorcerers up which caused some extra annoyance.

Runycat said...

The first night this quest opened, I too was completely pissed off at how big of a waste of time it was. While I still don't like how you can basically afk for 10 minutes while flying there, they've nerfed how many charges it takes to bring down all the mobs (i.e. Sorcerers take one, Pit Lords only take two).

Additionally, I hotkeyed the charges so I could spam them with one hand and constantly rotate my camera with the other. It's rare that it takes me more than one run nowadays.

erumel said...

I agree that post-nerf and hotkeyed I usually get it done in one try as well. The trip there and back doesn't seem that bad any longer.