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My take on patch 2.4 so far

I really like the new daily quests. They are well spread out and varying and are very rewarding.

Mr T was quite harder than I expected. We wiped on trash 4-5 times and once on the second boss. The rest of the bosses were one shots. Kael'thas was a close call with only one brave huntress left standing when he fell. Lifeblooms weren't enough during Gravity lapse, I guess I should have had Tranquility available or used Regrowth in a proactive way earlier. Killing Kael'thas unlocked the heroic mode that I'm not really looking forward too. There was also a decent epic gem as a reward and I choose the healer version. Having just entered Black Temple the loot weren't impressive but I didn't expect it to be.

Last night when I logged out Kilrogg was at about 75% done in the first phase. I guess it's a bit into phase 2 by now so I'll be checking out the new quests during the weekend.

Oh, and Kaz'rogal went down as well last week so that's 3 bosses down in Hyjal for us so far.

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