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Two one-shots in SSC

Yesterday was another great raid where we downed both Hydross the Unstable and The Lurker Below on the first tries. This was only the second time for us to defeat Hydross after two or three nights of learning the fight. Tank transitions were perfect, dps was awesome and healing superior.

This left us with extra time to go and check out Leotheras the Blind. We had a few tries and got him to 77%. I had no real trouble defeating my inner demon, just Moonfire and Barkskin/Wrath although it must have been terrible being a healer before the 2.3 patch with no spell damage from healing gear.

The main problem seemed to be that the raid was taking too much damage from his Whirlwind attack and his aggro wipes after each Whirlwind seemed to create some chaos. If we learn to manage aggro here and avoid Whirlwind this boss will soon go down.

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