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Tree of Life in the Balance (20, 0, 41)

The restoration/feral build gave me versatility but not much synergy from gear. I'm going to try this 20, 0, 41 Tree of Life/Balance build hoping to get more synergy out of my gear and current style.

I'm currently raiding as a Tree of Life restoration druid which makes playing solo a challenge. I've up until now spent my remaining points in the feral tree so that I can grind in cat form. I don't do very much damage but I like how my mana regenerates while fighting in feral form. It's a battle of attrition where I fight, heal, fight, heal, fight until I win. The problem is that my feral gear is mostly 70 blues since I don't roll for feral gear in raids.

Enter patch 2.3 and 1/3 spell damage from healing gear. My healing gear is purple and shiny so I get somewhere around 500-600 passive spell damage. I might as well tweak my talents to take advantage of that instead of relying on blue feral gear.

One key point I was afraid of with combining a restoration and balance build like this was that I don't reach Moonkin form for the armor bonus so I will be vulnerable in caster form. What's to keep me from being interrupted and killed by melee hits while trying to spam Wrath, Moonfire and Starfire? That's when I looked closer at putting three points in the talent Control of Nature which "Gives you a 100% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting Entangling Roots and Cyclone". I'll be able to root mobs without interruption which should be enough when dealing with Outland mobs outside of raids.

I'm sacrificing the versatile feral/shapeshifting style, I'm prolonging the cast time of my Healing Touch and I'm losing Omen of Clarity but with this new build I will get faster, harder balance spells and uninterruptable Entangling Roots. I gain Insect Swarm and I get increased range on my balance spells.

Yes, I admit that I also see more Leotheras the Blind fights ahead of me and this build will certainly scare of any inner demons coming my way.

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