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Some goals achieved

Yesterday I completed heroic Shadow Labyrinth together with a guild group consisting of a feral druid (Eliah), a rogue (Firethorn), a mage (Vlauk) and a hunter (Thistlechin). Vorpil took 3 tries and Murmur went down on the fifth or sixth try once everyone understood the special attacks. This was also the first time any of us tried the heroic version of that instance and I also hit exalted with Lower city during the run.

I completed both the normal and heroic instance daily quests for SL and also completed the Trial of the Naaru: Strength as I did the heroic Steamvaults part of that quest last week.

This run gave me enough badges to finally buy the [Essence of the Martyr]. My rogue also got his first gladiator gear.

I've completed heroic Steamvaults, Arcatraz and Shadow Labyrinth on my first tries so all I have left now is to do the heroic Shattered Halls and then down Magtheridon again to get the 'Champion of the Naaru' title.

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