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Leotheras at 2% and some Alterac Valley

Yesterday the guild got Leotheras the blind down to 2% health. I predict some tier 5 gloves to drop soon. I stayed out of that raid because I'm a bit intimidated by the nature of the encounter. With a 20% movement debuff to avoid Whirlwinds and the aggro wipe afterwards makes it dangerous to have HoT's ticking. I'm not sure how I should play that fight, just cast Healing Touches on the MT while Moonfire/Wrath spam any inner demons coming my way? I don't feel very effictive with that style and seeing as we haven't downed him yet I figure I'm almost a waste of a healing spot.

Yesterday was my first real visit to Alterac Valley. I'm amazed at the amount of honor gained for so little effort. I'm not exactly into PVP as I've always focused on PVE healing with my druid, I do however have a green/blue geared rogue at level 70 which I now intend to bring more frequently to battlegrounds. Partly because I'd like the arena season 1 gear for him as it would be such a major upgrade for him and because I don't really fancy the level 70 instances in Outland and I don't believe I'll be lucky enough to get the right drops for him and it would probably take so much longer than just doing some battlegrounds here and there for guaranteed upgrades. He is attuned to Karazhan but I don't intend to raid all over with him too.

There is an interesting discussion going on about PVE rewards versus PVP rewards. I'm not sure where I stand here as I haven't given it much thought. I do prefer PVE and don't enjoy PVP very much since I don't think I'm good at it (I play a rogue so I can hide when I'm scared).

As things stand, won't every PVE oriented alt with gear ambitions that reaches level 70 go for the arena honor gear instead of working through the 70 instances over and over to get their dungeon set 3? I'm pretty sure that my alts will. I emphasize that if this was a matter of my druid main then I wouldn't bother with PVP gear but instead struggle through the instances doing what I enjoy and I would be ok with it taking a long time to get my rewards from those instances. However going through all that again on an alt is what I'm sceptic about, at least while raiding with my main.

The result of the arena gear being so easy to get makes me sort of suffer through battlegrounds for the gear. I'm both happy that my rogue can get so nice guaranteed gear so "easily" while also feeling that everyone wearing epic gear devalues the sense and purpose of epics. I guess I feel that epic gear should represent epic rewards for epic achievements and seeing people afk in battlegrounds and then wearing tier 4 looking gear all over the place isn't much fun. I might be thinking of this the completely wrong way...I guess I see loot as reward.

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