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Healing ability

Our raid leader recently posted on our forum about gear and ability regarding participation in our progress raids.

I thought I'd share some of my healing stats from some regular bosses and one Zul Aman raid. I know I'm at first position but I'm not sure about how my numbers compare to other restoration druids when it comes to amount healed and overheal. The healing is of course affected by the very nature of the fights. It's easier to heal while moving as a druid and beeing able to cast multiple HoT's on a lot of people also helps.

The following patch note for 2.3.2 is unfortunate for druid healing: "Lifebloom: When this ability is refreshed it will take on the strength of the incoming Lifebloom effect, rather than maintain the existing strength."

Maulgar (4 minutes)

Gruul (8 minutes)

Magtheridon (11 minutes)

The lurker below

Zul Aman

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