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Sense of achievement

One of the things that makes WoW so fun is the sense of achievement you get when accomplishing a difficult task in the game. It's true that these achievements matter very little outside of Azeroth but the sense of achievement is still there which makes it enticing and rewarding to play.

Here are some old screenshots which I've kept because they are memories of the feeling I had when these events occured.

Imagine spending eight hours fighting through BRD as a rather young druid to finally beat Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, save Moira and take your rightful seat on the throne of the Dark Iron dwarves.

The sense of completion when finishing the D2 set upgrading the last piece of your Wildheart set to the Feralheart set.

Earning enough gold to be able to learn the epic flying mount skill.

Taking part in defeating Magtheridon for the guild first. (During the fight where the roof drops down at 30% one of the warlock imps says "-Is this really necessary?")

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Megan said...

LOL, that Mag/Imp pic is great!