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The lurker below downed

This tuesday the Lurker Below was downed for the second time by our guild.

He was kind enough to drop the Grove-Bands of Remulos for me.

Lurker healing strategy

My healing strategy for this fight is to heal the MT with 3 Lifeblooms and a Rejuvenation during the first phase. When the adds come I reposition and keep 3 lifeblooms each on the MT and one offtank tanking a guardian. When the MT target is dead I throw a Regrowth on the offtank and then mana regen until Lurker appears again. I jump into the water to avoid the Spout and then throw a Regrowth on the MT and start stacking Lifeblooms again. Rinse and repeat.


I've also continued to tweak my UI and addons and it's starting to look very nice now. Much because of the great addon Align which helps me position all graphical elements. The other major components in this setup are Bongos2 lets me resize and reposition all action bars, X-Perl is a great unit frame addon with lots of extra functionality and eepanels2 creates the backgrounds for the chat boxes and action bars. Clearfont replaces the default fonts with a much nicer look. Fubar and Titan panel is there as well along with plenty of other neat addons.


Corey said...

I'm interested in what addons you are using. I really like the layout you have with your chat box in the lower left, click box in the middle and combat dialog in the lower right. And it looks like you are using Xperl for raid frames?

erumel said...

Hi there!
I'm glad you liked my layout :)

Yes you are right, it's Xperl for the raid frames as well as regular unit frames and party frames.

I've updated my post now with some more information about the addons with links to their download pages.

The key addons for you would be Bongos and eepanels. Bongos lets you move the action bars freely and eepanels2 creates background layers which you can position behind the chat and combat boxes.