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Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.


Swift flight form

At 22:27 the 23 of may I had completed Heroic Sethekk halls and gained swift flight form. It's an amazing feeling having instant cast 280% flight.

We took Anzu down on the first try. Group composition was protection warrior, restoration druid, destruction warlock, combat rogue and hybrid druid. I think the Anzu fight was one of the most entertaining fights I've been in. I backup healed, kept Regrowth rank 1 running on the three bird statues and helped with AoE on the bird swarms. Getting to Anzu wasn't much trouble, I played as bear offtank on the way to him. Major thanks to Mb, Freindomizer and Danimar for making it possible!

I also got the Belt of the Raven Lord from him.

Here are some images below:

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