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World of Warcraft

I suddenly felt I should explain the lack of posts and activity here. Well, obviously I've been smitten with World of Warcraft for the last 6 months. Leveling is highly addictive!

I'm playing on the Kilrogg-EU realm. By now I have a lvl 60 night elf druid, a lvl 45 dwarven rogue, a lvl 10 tauren shaman and a lvl 14 undead priest. Come Burning Crusade and I will try out a blood elf mage, a blood elf warlock and then maybe I'll try a troll hunter. That leaves the warrior and paladin classes to explore.

Anyway, here are some months old shots of my druid:



Ain't she pretty?

Here is my rogue in the Auberdine sunset:


Lives are good!