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Defender of a Shattered World! Nefarian 25 down!

As Nefarian fell in 25 man mode tonight that gave us a shiny new title:
Defender of a Shattered World!

It's hard to describe what an adrenaline rush this fight was! We got him tonight on our third try having spent 1 previous night on 10 man with 21 wipes and 2 previous nights on 25 man with 27 wipes in total. Here's the WoL for our kill.

I'm not going to delve into abilities and detailed strategy for the fight, I really recommend the guide on Tankspot by Aliena for that. I'll just briefly describe my point of view.

Phase 1
Before the pull I set Nefarian as my focus target as that helps me to see the percentage of his health in Pitbull so that I can know in advance when high raid damage is incoming and everyone will need to be topped off. A small tip is to jump down in kitty form to save some health from the fall, it's not really needed but it saves some health and mana at the start.

I'm on the left side healing the Onyxia tank. This means annoying Tail swipes that you can't avoid and healing everyone a lot when Nefarian does the Electrocute (huge raid damage). I keep triple Lifeblooms on the tank with Nourish spam to refresh it, Omen of Clarity procs are most often used for Regrowth on the tank. A few Wild Growths to heal the Tail lash damage and on Electrocute I use Efflorescence and Wild Growth combined on the melee group. Mana Tide Totems helped a lot in this fight as we had a couple of shamans in our raid. You need as much mana as possible going into the next phase.

Phase 2
I spent phase 2 on the south east pillar, popping Tree of Life and rolling Lifeblooms with instant free Regrowths. Then I used Nourish and Wild Growth with a Lifebloom stack on someone. As the Electrocute is about to hit I use Barkskin and Tranquility to get everyone to max health. When the lava goes away I hop down and run off to the 2 add tanks.

Phase 3
In phase 3 we had our warrior tank that was on Nefarian in phase 1 tank him on the right side with the raid stacked up close. The paladin add tank from phase 1 kited the adds assisted by the warrior that tanked Onyxia to keep the adds in control while they both were being healed by a holy paladin and myself. The key here is to not let the adds touch any fire! It was pretty hectic healing them both on the move while dodging fire and adds because the incoming damage was so high and add to this the huge Electrocute bursts!

That felt great! :)


Moonra said...

big big gratz on the kill and the completed achievement :) on to heroic!

Niniel said...

Thank you! :)

We tried Halfus on heroic and almost got him down once we got the details sorted. We even hit his enrage a few times.