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Ruby Sanctum progress so far and drake achievements

This first reset of Ruby Sanctum had us trying 25H at the start of the week. Trash and the first bosses fell over without any trouble but Halion was a bit of a challenge. We got phase 1 sorted but phase 2 was more troubling. In the end we killed him off on normal mode on thursday.

I was there for a new shot at him in 10 man heroic on sunday (WoL) and this time it went a lot better. We hit P3 most of the time but had trouble keeping the MT in the normal realm alive. I got the hang of moving from the Twilight Cutters now and I'm quite comfortable with all aspects of the encounter. We were supposed to try and finish him off on 10H tonight but it seems Urugay-Holland is more exciting so it got cancelled.

Since we spent so much time on Ruby Sanctum we went for the drake achievements in ICC 25 on monday, normal mode for the most encounters. In the end we got all achievements but Neck-Deep in Vile done. That one seems tricky so I have no idea when or how we will get that one done. I haven't been on any ICC 10 run in ages so I've been slacking on the drake achievements in there too. On friday last week though I was there for a run that cleared all the non heroic achievements so this coming friday is reserved for a simple heroic clear and that will then give me the drake. On 10 man I'm only missing the heroic kill for Saurfang, Valithria and Sindragosa and that shouldn't really be a problem.


Enmagi said...

we're still working on h sindragosa 25, so we killed hailon on normal this past week. I was not overly impressed with the difficulty level.

I've had my 10 man drake for a while now and my least favorite achievement is the Sindragosa achievement. neck deep in vile has been removed from the mount requirements I think, though it's still on the meta.

the 10 man group I'm part of is working on h lk, so we spent our time on that. They didn't go a bunch cuz I've been out of town on vacation etc.

It sounds like you guys are doing well, and I wish you luck!

Niniel said...

Sindragosa is the most nervous one to achieve alright ^^

Neck Deep in Vile is unfortunately still there for the 25 man though. I have all others but no mount :/

I haven't tried LK 10H yet so I have little clue about it so far.

Good luck to you too!

Pathis said...

Neck Deep is rough because it almost demands ridiculous raid stacking. I am sure it can be pulled off with a balanced group, but will likely require dps taunting and other crazy shenanigans. Best of luck polishing it off!

Niniel said...

Thank you Pathis! It would be nice to finish the meta and get the mount as well! :)