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Falling at the finish line

This is me practicing how to solo and survive instances as a protection paladin (lvl 51). I cleared most of the first long stretch, about 8 groups in. From there I fled a long, long way with bubble, potion, hands, stuns and heals but it wasn't enough in the end.

A group with 3 healers in Zul Farrak was too tricky for me since I'm not very good at this protectiony stuff yet. Getting more adds when I ran away didn't exactly help. In my experience, learning a new class and spec also leaves you with those seconds of "Ok, so what can I do know?" where you're just wasting time doing nothing while on your main character you just do stuff that works to survive on instinct. I just realized near the entrance that I could stun the mobs with an engineering bomb but as I threw it at them a caster got me right where I fell :/

I was so close to getting out!


Enmagi said...

lol I've done that!

I got my paladin to 80 and have enjoyed both prot and holy on her.

I'm actually surprised I am enjoying holy since I don't much care for my shammeh and the seat of your pants style of healing.

I think tanking as a paladin is a blast. The ability to taunt all mobs on a person is a very healer friendly way of taunting.. my grid still has functionality, which is good cuz I can't help but look at it.

of the 4 healers at 80 I have, my preference still remains to be my druid. Guess I got it right the first time :)
of the 3 tanks I've had at 80, my favorite is probably paladin.

Niniel said...

I'm running as ret/prot on my paladin and have no intention of trying holy until maybe at 80.

I feel like that too, I got it right the first time :)