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A putrid wipe

I want to try sharing my pain to make it easier to bear!

This is what a 0,7% wipe looks like:

Sound advice was also given before the fight:
-When do we use Mighty Nature Protection Potion?
-When the Mighty Nature attacks you.


Keeva said...

I can go one better:

<8000 health when two healers died, then the tank died and healed the boss. Bam, back up to 900k.

Niniel said...

Oh my...that's dreadful ^^

Enmagi said...

that seems painful :( better luck next time!

awesome advice though!

In my old guild (left last night /sadface) many of our members were rather sarcastic.

A~what's the strat?
B~kill him 'til he's dead. oh and don't die.

A~How'd you die?
B~the damage exceeded my healthbar..

I haven't faced the professor yet on 10 or 25. I expect this will change rather quickly though with the switching of guilds. I've heard a lot of our high end guilds are having close wipes on him though.. 1%, 2% whatnot.

Virile said...

It's a little hard to see in that picture. Was that your last attempt? If so, all I can say is wow!

Niniel said...

Oh yes, last attempt ^^ Not at all painful ;)

Good luck with a new guild Enmagi!

Enmagi said...

thanks much! should be significantly more challenging than my previous one. I'm curious to see how it goes :)

SolidState said...

I'd very much like to hear details about your experience from the fight - how you got him down below 80%, then 35%. What strategy/tactics you used, handeling adds, the exploding vials, etc. Does your Abom have energy problems? Do you use any special tricks (anything not documented in the tankspot video)?

My guild is struggling atm, 67% best attempt after 8 tries which is rather weak. So would appreciate your input :)

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Our best was 9% =( Made me so sad to be so close when we ran out of attempts. We effectively lost our first week on him when we got hit with the hot fix stun bug, which also really sucked. A lot.

Next week though, Nin! That's what I'm telling myself too :)

Good Luck!

Jasyla said...

Oooh, that's so frustrating! I'm sure you'll get him this week though.

My guild hasn't had much luck with Professor yet. I think our best attempt was around 60%. We get to phase 2 and then people go brain dead when the first gas add comes out.

Niniel said...

I can't really say in detail what all the others are up to. We just switch sides like the normal tactic. Pretargeting the adds is important with a macro and really nuke them early on!

From my point of view I'm just staying out of range from bad stuff, as far away from green oozes as possible and run in on the targeted player when it's about to explode. When I'm targeted it's dead before it reaches me but if a dps is targeted it usually dies shortly after first explosion. The brown ooze is very easy to kite and kill.

We've got 2 druids keeping Rejuvenation with Replenish on the abomination for energy gains. I have to say though that our abomination tank is awesome, when we hit P3 there is no ooze at all in the room.

Thank you! :) We'll definitely get him next week, we had a couple of <5% wipes as well so it's very very close. Hope you all have better luck next reset!

Niniel said...

Kae has written a great guide for Putricide here:


Kae said...

Hopefully it will help :)

Ouuuuch on the .7% wipe on last pull! Hopefully you guys will one-shot him this week.

Jen said...

I just need to say something: I pasted the Nature Protection Potion bit to my boyfriend yesterday, and he's still laughing. Seriously, 3 times a day he remembers and tells me how hilarious it was.

Niniel said...

I'm glad I could spread some laughter! :)