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Progress in the Plagueworks!

We spent Wednesday night raiding 25 man ICC, quickly clearing the first four bosses eager to try out the new content. The frost fire thing/traps killed a few surprised raiders at the start. Is that the concept of gated content by the way?

I didn't get a lot of screenshots but I'll just show what I did get. We killed Festergut on our fourth try having hit enrage at 1% on the third try and it was a bit messy. We got Rotface down on the fifth attempt and it was a close call too as seen below. We didn't have any time left to have a look at Putricide 25 so that will be something to look forward to this sunday.

I discovered something when I looked at the boss kill after the 25 man raid and I saw my spec at the bottom bar...14/00/57? Wait, what? Oh no, I didn't? It would have been a lot easier if I wasn't such a noob that I healed all of ICC in my HT-Anub spec missing Master Shapeshifter, Nature's Bounty, Celestial Focus and not having the Wild Growth or Nourish Glyphs... /sigh I'm just terrible. I never use regular Healing Touch so I could never tell it was faster and all the other changes are passive stuff like aura/crit/procs so the only difference would have been the haste loss from Celestial Focus but there was so much lag that I thought that was the problem for the slow casts... /cry.

Rotface down in 25 man, another one of those clean kills! ;)

On the Thursday raid we split into three 10 man raids for the new content as well. Two groups got to Putricide and the one group running with offspecs got Festergut down I believe. My group killed Festergut on the second try and Rotface on the third go and both kills were very controlled. I suggested that we try Kae's suggestion for Rotface, that oozes be dispelled immediately and it worked really well for us, thank you Kae! :)

A beautifully executed 10 man kill!

The first 10 man group spent 8 tries on the professor gaining important information that was shared on Vent which helped our group a lot! We hit phase 2 on our third try and after that trash had respawned so we will press on another night! We got to 60% something and if we can keep those oozes controlled we could have a shot at killing him this reset.

Charge forth!


Kae said...

Congrats on Rotface/Fester... and good luck on Put! He certainly doesn't seem easy :)

Niniel said...

Thank you! :)
Tonight is the night of the sequel!

Virile said...

A minor thing that you may have since noticed. If you have a rogue, there is a lever that you can pull at the entrance that kills the ice traps.

Niniel said...

Yes but thank you anyway! :)
Our rogue was the most curious one of us so he went in first, yelled "Ow!" and then started laughing on Vent. Something that made the rest of us a bit nervous. Our tank wanted levitate and all sorts of protection before venturing in to see what the damage was about.