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The Orb Whisperer and Crimson Hall done

We had a very cool raid tonight, all of ICC 10 man cleared in about 3h 50m! When the Blood-Queen fell we were at 9/15 Unsuccessful Attempts until Retreat.

I really enjoyed the two new fights in this section. The Princes are a bit messy at first but easy once you see what's going on around you and learn what to look out for.

The Orb Whisperer

The Crimson Hall

Lana'thel is a fight with connected people like Mother Shahraz only you run towards each other. This is easily handled by standing sort of like a circle and all those affected just run to the middle and meet there. The 2 tanks share damage so you need to keep them up, the raid takes constant ticking damage as well so keep the heals flowing on all. Then there are flames (purple thing in the picture) like the Lord Jaraxxus fight so if you get it just run outwards to the wall. Stay spread out and keep everyone up, that's what you need to do as a healer.


Enmagi said...

I haven't done it on 10 man yet but I bet it's fun :) I was in for attempts on the vampy queen on 25s last night and it was interesting. Seems like a fairly straightforward fight with a lot of revamped mechanisms you should already be comfortable with.
How did you guys do on 25 man for the week?
I hear most guilds had her despawn after a soft reset if you touched any of the trash or did any attempts forcing you to petition a GM to get her back.

Niniel said...

Yes, you should really be comfortable with all these mechanics by now as you say. How did you do on her?

We've cleared up to Putricide so far on 25 this week so I haven't tried Princes or the Queen in that mode yet. It's what's on the menu for tonight and tomorrow! :)

Enmagi said...

Sorry about slacking on replying.
All content in ICC 25 has been cleared for us for the week.. one shot everything.

Good luck on your 25s ;) hope it all goes very well for ya.. more posts please :)

ps. What's your feel on t9 4 piece vs upgrades to those slot (t10 or otherwise)?

Niniel said...

No worries! One shot everything? That's really impressive.

We left the Queen standing but one shot all except Putricide on 25 man where we had an 8% wipe or so but got him on the seconds try. We then one shot Princes with 21 people alive as 4 managed to die immediately in the fight. Best try on the Queen was a 6% wipe.

I've personally left T9 4-set for the 2-set T10 and haste gear. I prefer quick casting rather than potential crits on hots to be honest. There are substantial stat gains to consider as well but anyway, that's just my stance.

Enmagi said...

I think we had a 6% wipe the first week she was up too.. lost some attempts to DCs and whatnot. bite order, fearwards and that kind of thing takes a little ironing out I imagine.

I like the 4 piece t9, but when you get enough haste gear to keep the cap, your crit really suffers..which makes me wonder if it's worth it really.

I can't wait to respec and get my living seed back.. it's such a noticable difference not having it after having it for so long.