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Call of the Grand Crusade (25 player)

We got [Call of the Grand Crusade] tonight! We had a 0,4% wipe this monday which was plain misery but that convinced me that we would get him down tonight. Just the last couple of tries on monday really proved that P3 healing was more or less sorted and it was just a matter of time.

Six people alive is more than enough! /cough

[--- UPDATE ---] It seems we got our kill on Youtube! :)

My role was healing both tanks before phase 3 and then keeping 2 targets with Penetrating Cold alive, namely Square and Diamond. We assigned dedicated healers for Raid marks. Our other resto druid covered Cross and Moon I think. With that setup we had 4 debuff targets covered on 2 healers but we were assisted by shaman Riptide and Paladin Shock on our second targets.

With the HT glyph and Naturalist talent it's not very hard to save both as long as you don't have to deal with any lag. It's just the matter of locating the targets and hitting both before the first tick. I looked for Square first and while casting I looked for Diamond. Once both had gotten their first HT I cast another on each for good measure and then alternated a third HT on either of the tanks while keeping the HT rotation up for the duration of the debuff. Sometimes when I felt brave I cast a few hots and heals on the tanks while waiting for the next set of debuffs but it's a bit risky. You really want your GCD available as soon as it hits. Everyone in the raid also used Frost protection potion when P3 started.

Feeling happy about the PvE performance for the evening I decided to suffer to get what was missing for [What a long, strange trip it's been]. The lovely [force PvE players into battlegrounds to ruin the experience for PvP players, leeching things as a gnome while not being able to shapeshift and having no clue where to go or what to do], oh joy! Also my first visit to Isle of Conquest which seems nice if you like that sort of thing (which I don't). I can appreciate a fair fight but most of the time it seems to be a matter of 10 vs 1 which doesn't amuse me. 25 vs a couple of elite NPC's on the other hand! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good job on Anub, was getting pretty worried about Anarchy after RK (what!) and Crux got it yet you guys didn't. Gotta love the kills where almost all of the raid are dead :)


Niniel said...

Thanks! Yeah, those kills are the best! ;)

It took us a while because we started working on Anub a couple of weeks later as we had to get complete block gear to tank stuff :)

Like SoE we did it pretty efficiently when looking at time spent on the encounter.

Hope all is well!

Cassandri said...

Well done! I have a feeling we're never going to get this one...

Niniel said...

Thank you!

Don't give up! Progress seems to come in large chunks on this boss. We went from 18-20% wipes to 0,4-2% wipes before we got him down! :)

Enmagi said...

I put Penetrating Cold in as a debuff on my grid, so the boxes have a red border when they have it. this quickly identifies who has it, and then it's just a matter of clicking their boxes and healing them.. I had too much difficulty trying to figure out who was being targetted w/it before.
Gratz on everything ;)

Niniel said...

Yes, you need some way of seeing who has the debuff. In the heroic 25 man it is essential that you have dedicated healers so that you know that you can cover all the marks and nobody gets skipped, there's just no margin for error as PC hits for 6k.

I think someone used an addon that put raid marks on each debuffed person and so we had our own raid marks to take care of. Otherwise people would just die in 3 seconds.

and thank you! :)