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Many whelps, more dots and insanity!

First off we got A Tribute to Insanity done this week again! Didn't see it coming to be fair.

After a highly successful raid in TotC we went to Onyxia 10 man and had some fun getting
Many Whelps! Handle It! and More Dots! done in the same go!

Now how to spend the evening, roll a horde priest or try out Pitbull and go design crazy on my UI? :)

/em listens to Metric


The Renaissance Man said...

Many whelps is the one ony achievement we haven't managed to get yet. We haven't quite figured out when we need to spawn the whelps, is it when phase 2 starts, or when she actually leaves the ground?

Niniel said...

It's within the time span from when she leaves the ground and flies up in the air until 10 seconds later.

You need to wait until Onyxia walks to the back of the room when she prepares to enter Phase 2. As soon as she turns around and takes of you need to run in to the whelps. We did it with 2 people running, one from each side. Good luck!