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Vertical groups, one light, some drakes and three Val'anyrs!

We tried Yogg +1 for the first time last week. On the very first try I managed to forget that fact so I was running around wondering what the hell I'd done to my video settings since I couldn't see the green pillars where you get sanity back. Oh right, no Freya ^^

Anyway, tonight while I was subbed I spent a good hour or two fiddling with Grid and my UI just outside the instance while listening in on Vent as my guild fought the fight anew. I suddenly realized that by using vertical groups in Grid, the pet frames end up to the right where I have space for my raid frames (if I nudged my combat log down a bit) to grow. That means I can actually have them show instead of having to hide them because they obscure my action bars. That is something I remember from Malygos and even when Flame Leviathan was new. When someone got into a vehicle, Grid treated that as a pet which suddenly meant 50 frames on Malygos so since then I simply disabled pet frames from Grid. Now luckily though, the player frame is replaced by the vehicle frame and turns green which works perfectly.

I realized that healing assignments are near always groups based and by having the people I'm supposed to care for stacked vertically I have all of them in my focus. Based on the shape of my frames, looking at 5 horizontal frames means I only really have one or maybe two frames in my absolute focus so I need to look back and forth. If they are vertically stacked I see all of their healths perfectly focused. Sort of an embarrassing realization for a +2 years raiding healer to have but hey, I'm far from perfect ^^ Besides, this Grid/central raid frames setup isn't that old for me either :)

Back to the raid, they actually pulled it off (bastards ;)! I could tell they were on the right track while listening in so I figured they would make it in the end. Standing just outside the entrance while this was happening made me really want to rush in and be a part of it but I hope I'll get another chance soon.

That was the last hard mode in Ulduar for Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) so a good deal of my guild mates now have a very nice Ironbound Proto-Drake each!

After Yogg I got in and got treated to the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 man) achievement!

That means I "only" need Firefighter and One Light in the Darkness (25 player) before I get that sweet mount too!

The other reason we cleared Ulduar this week was to get yet another mace forged. Now we have three Val'anyrs in the guild wielded by two druids and a priest!

Yes, I'm sporting a retro head piece:b


Enmagi said...

for whatever reason I think more clearly horizontally. I imagine it has something to do with how we used to set up groups in MH/BT etc. Tanks and myself group 1, melee group 2, ranged/melee mix g3, healers g4, ranged g5.

The most consistent damage has always been the tanks and often the melee.. so I focus largely on the top half of my grid. I have my grid farther up my screen than you do, and more off to the right, mostly so everything fits, pets and all.

Gratz on all the maces! We have 1 and I'm 9/30 for the second. It's coming along ;)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you'll heal my imp now?

/love Sash

Niniel said...

I think it's just something to get used to and relearn as I've also always had horizontal groups in Grid. Back when I was using X-Perl for my raid frames I had them all vertical and that felt ok too but it took up so much screen space.

Thanks, I hope your fragments will come along quickly! :)

Yes Sash, imp healing will now occur to the best of my ability ;)