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My central UI

I thought I'd take this moment before going to sleep to show off my current central UI setup. I'm not entirely done yet, there's always some pieces left to improve. I'm currently working on fonts, what information to show and where but I think it's starting to look really good!


Anonymous said...

What do all the numbers mean? I want to be '1' not '7' I think. hmph.

Verile said...

Looks great. Nice work!

Enmagi said...

I would imagine his numbers are the time left on rejuv or regrowth, if it's anything like mine ;)

I'll have to dig up a screenshot of mine sometime when I'm in a raid with hots rolling ;) /love grid.

Niniel said...

Hi! Sorry for the late answer, I've been away for the weekend at a conference.

The numbers are as Enmagi says the time left on my hots. I have one corner each for Rejuv, Regrowth, Wild Growth and Lifebloom.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)

It's always interesting to see the setups of others :)

Anonymous said...

Where's Greenilocks?

Niniel said...

I'm in Anarchy now, SoE split up unfortunately. Greenilocks went Horde and x-realmed.

Who's asking? =)