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Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.


Heroic 25 Twins down!

No screenshot but yay! :)

Our third strategy work for us but I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you about it. No cheating involved though, just more of a brute force kind of tactic.


Enmagi said...

We've been pushing yogg-1 because our druid has her fragments (I'm up to 5 myself from various bosses when she wasn't there or after she got her 30).

we are leaving hodir up there (he's the guy that does the save thing right?) we had talked about maybe leaving mim up or something.. but ppl need to just learn not to die and i think hodir will be the better choice.. we'll see.

Anyway gratz! moar updates!!

Niniel said...

Ooh, good luck on YS +1 and congrats on being the next recipient!

Aye, Hodir does the iceblock save. Retribution paladins seemed to die quite easily among the melee in p3 but I guess that's because they have an AoE in their standard rotation or something.

Thank you :) I've may have writers block, I have nothing interesting or fun to say for the moment ^^