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Heroic 10 man Anub'arak one shot!

The achievement streak continues! Tonight we checked off A Tribute to Mad Skill (10 player) on our to do list. I didn't manage to get a good screenshot with the achievement visible though.

The fun part was that we had to 2 heroic 10 man groups running and just as we reached Anub'arak we got spammed by the other groups achievement as they also got Mad skill done just before us. Something that we replied to with a one shot :)

We had two wipes on the Faction Champions and the rest of the wipes were on the Twin Val'kyr leaving us with 46 attemps left when the instance was cleared.

To be honest, I didn't think it would be a kill while the fight was progressing. Phase 1 was flawless but when phase 2 started he immediately wasted an ice patch and I almost got gibbed by him as the last target. We managed to gather up in the middle of the room and I started hotting people up as I knew phase 3 was incoming and then did as I had planned together with the other priest. He took care of the MT and OT, I covered the raid with WG, kept the tanks hotted and focused on targets with Penetrating Cold. What followed was frantic casting and cursing and a whole lot of "Damn we're going to wipe any second" mixed with "Eek!" but in the end nobody died except the former king of Azjol-Nerub.


Askevar said...

Many gratz! Our guild just downed 10 man on regular, so we're quite a bit off :) That is just awesome!

Niniel said...

Thanks! :) Good luck on your progress in heroic!