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Jumping to flight form bug?

I've noticed a behaviour that I think is new since the patch.

When jumping in some direction and shifting to flight form in the air that motion energy seems to transfer and extend the jump so that you are drawn in that direction for quite a while. Previously when jumping and shifting I think you just stopped in the air? Anyway it doesn't seem right to get this motion transfered when jump-shifting to flight form. Have you noticed this too?

I just had a chat with a GM about my ticket and got the following information:
"GM: I've just taken a little look into Flight form, flew around a bit, jumped off some towers... and it does indeed look a little different. To be honest, I can't say that I've seen the change noted as a bug OR being intended. It sets you into auto-fly after you jump and polymorph. I'll pass the information on for investigation, as I've no idea if this is a bug or not. It does seem "different" than how it used to be, but this could be an intended change. Please do not close this ticket as I will be escalating it to our Specialists; if we need any more information we'll contact you again, but if we don't then the ticket will just disappear on its own.

Is there anything else I can help you with while I am here? ^^"

Niniel: Perhaps put some herbs into Hrothgars Landing so there's more content/incentive to be there? :b


Sunkist said...

I've had the same thing happening to me when I'm strafing when I shift into flight form. It'll stay that way until I strafe in the other direction.

Niniel said...

It's probably already reported but I wrote a ticket about it just in case.