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Our second heroic Yogg-Saron kill happened tonight!

Where did that come from? We haven't even been trying this fight for weeks. Summer has left us terribly weak with signups but the last few weeks have blessed us with a number of new recruits bolstering our numbers. It seems like they are a nice vitamin injection to our raiding and they know what they are doing.

To quote my GM:
I would have been happy tonight if we'd had Vezax down by the end of the night. At the start of the raid I was thinking "Hey we have a viable group for Yogg we might as well train some new guys". Bearing in mind that we have not killed yogg since our very first kill, nearly 2 months ago now I'm pretty much speechless at killing yogg in our 4th try tonight :b

It was 6 weeks ago that we first and last killed Yogg. Tonight we wandered in and in 4 tries with ~8 people in the raid who have not killed him before we down him easily.

On another note, some funny comments from guild chat:
[Priest] Damn, a tv program on WoW addiction. Ridiculous that doesn't exist at all.
[Warlock] Idiots.
[Paladin] Certainly.
[Warlock] I'd watch it if I wasn't playing.
[Paladin] What are you on about?
[Priest] I am not addicted, I sleep 6 hours a day.

[guildmate complains about that his mom thinks his room is messy]
(5 minutes later)...
[guildmate] There is an actual mouse
[guildmate] in this room
[guildmate] brb


Aertimus said...

Congrats! Glad you got some good recruits. It was a nice wave of good recruits that LOKI got that finally contributed to their first kill. (I still want to say our lol)

If there was a mouse in the room, I don't think I would be typing about it. I would be on a chair screaming...

Niniel said...


Hehe, I love how he calmly states it.

Enmagi said...

that mouse statement is awesome!

yeah we're still working on yogg..
into p3 finally but you know you work so hard on perfecting p2 that when you finally hit p3 half the raid has forgotten what they are suppose to do when they get to p3... it was a mess really. and p2 still isn't pretty enough. have I mentioned I hate the fact you don't know who hit the clouds? yeah.. me and everyone else.

we'll get there, though.
Gratz on your second kill. got enough shards to make your mace yet?
my friend in another guild has just made hers the other day.. it's neat.

Niniel said...

Good luck! I know the first times you hit P3 it's almost an immediate wipe since people are spread out and not focused/prepared.

We have everyone group up at Yoggs mouth unless an unlucky crusher spawn forces another location. As the portal healer I leave the last portal early to position and prepare for the incoming P3.

Some healers may to focus on dispelling/decursing while the others keep the tanks alive. It's a hectic phase for almost everyone. DPS needs to focus target perfectly and adds really need to go down and people need to stay on the mob until it's dead before switching target.

People should really have learned to stay out of clouds by now one would think?

Thank you, good luck to you in getting your kill! I'm at 21/30 fragments for now.