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Heartbreaker & Stokin the furnace completed

Last night was another success! We managed to repeat Heroic: Orbit-uary from last week within a reasonable number of attempts and also managed to complete Ignis and Deconstructor hard modes on our first evening trying them.

Heroic: Heartbreaker.

Our 17 year old female death knight (very popular in the guild, actually we have 2 teenage female death knight tanks and if there's one thing people insist we need to recruit more of it's female teenage death knights! ;) ) tanked the boss to the left in the room with the rest of us grouped up in the middle.

Gravity bomb now leaves void zones where they explode so you want assign separate areas for the different types. We went left for gravity and right for Searing light. We had a paladin and warrior tank the adds with hunters and warlocks killing the adds. Pro tip for rogues: Don't use Cloak of Shadows to remove your Gravity Bomb, you will spawn an instant void zone on the melee. It's a bit healing intense and there were two times that we had two groups really low in health but we managed the fight with no deaths.

Heroic: Stokin' the Furnace

This hard mode was a lot easier than anticipated. We killed the boss with 30 seconds to spare. The key is just to not get interrupted on Flame Jets. As a druid you can ignore it and just keep spamming Rejuvenation, Swiftmend and Wild growth to your wild hearts content. Careful with Nourish and Regrowth though.


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fallingleavesandwings said...

Grats Niniel!

We are still struggling with Hodir, but are hopeful we will get him this week! We are also hoping for XT this week as well. We spent about 90 minutes on him two weeks ago (darn holiday raid weeks!) and saw 11% before it got too late to continue with it =)

How was Obituary? We've not attempted it yet, but did do 3 towers a few weeks ago. It will be our "seige" goal after XT is down, we did it in 10 man...but our 25 man vehicle skills scare me a bit =)

Niniel said...

Thanks! Hodir and Steelbreaker are our next targets. Good luck on your tries!

Orbit-uary was a lot of fun, I wrote about it in an earlier post in more details. We haven't tried 3 towers as we jumped from 2 to 4.