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Tweak Failbot into Praisebot

Our raid leader is running the addon Failbot. It reads out loud every players name that gets hit by an attack that you should be able to avoid if you know what you're doing.
For example, if I'd get hit by Shadow Crash in Ulduar the raid leader would automatically post: "Niniel fails at Shadow Crash".

The point of the addon is naturally to see if someone fails a lot and discourage them from doing so. It can be sort of a morale killer though because it's not fun being told you fail over and over and mid-raid a few people complained about it. That's why I suggested in /o that the raid leader should modify the .lua file of the addon into something positive instead of the words fail. Everyone knows you've failed anyway so you don't need to be told just that. The officers laughed at my suggestion and the RL logged out to fix the tweak immediately.

For the next pull the addon read out "Player X is incredibly awesome at Shadow Crash". This got reactions like "new failbot ftw!", "lol @ praisebot!", "Successbot ftw" and the raid leader happily stated "No longer a morale killer! Fail in style.".

Oh, also I haz 4 pieces of T8 now, woot! Basically the Shaman 51 point resto talent as a set bonus and with no CD.


SaladFork said...

Wow, that's awesome. I hope you don't mind, but I'm definitely stealing that idea for my raids, =P

(Sidenote: Failbot has been succeeded by EnsidiaFails [check the Failbot curse page], your guild should make the switch)

Niniel said...

Sure, go ahead! =)

Aertimus said...

I think if we tried to use that people would flip out... Even just the mod that spammed who got hit by firewalls in OS had people up in arms.

I picked up my 4pT8 this week too! I haven't really had a chance to use it yet though. I think it will change my healing style quite a bit.

Niniel said...

Congratulations! Looking at combat logs its about a 12% increase in healing done if you use rejuvenation a lot.

Aertimus said...

I know! I think I will be using rejuv A LOT more.

Enmagi said...

I've had my 4piece for a while (cuz I got my 10 man shoulders) at first it was just boosting my overhealing numbers since I'm preemptive about rejuving ppl before they get hit (so I can swiftmend after) but I've found it's changed my healing style a little knowing there's that extra little oomph. I like it ;)

Nice change to the failbot-we don't use it, sometimes I'll break out the big brother and tell them when they are failing at CC breaking, but it doesn't say they fail, it just says.. the mob [symbol] was broken by so and so's -whatever spell they used to break it-
It gets a bit spammy though if they break it with something that's a dot and the mages are resheeping.

Niniel said...

I like to cast 5 rejuvs then WG over and over if I'm raid healing. It's perfect in P1 of Yogg Saron. I used Big Brother for a while too, it's a nice addon!

It's not perfect if there's too much spamming since we raid without voice chat and it would obscure instructions. Better not fail if we want to be able to read what's going on :)

Sephrenia said...

I like it! We have a blame roll in our raids to know who to blame for all the wrong happenings in the raid and this fits wonderfully with that. How to tell people they suck and need to improve in a nice way!

Anonymous said...

We use failbot, but I've never thought to modify it! =)

It doesn't get too spammy until we get to General Vezax...good god, learning that fight you would think that failbot had taken over our raid chat!!!

I will say that I *really* wished tapping a cloud in phase 1 YS would record in your combat log so that failbot could pick it up. I would have LOVED to know who our cloud happy people were while learning that phase =)

Grats on your set bonus! It really is quite nice!

Niniel said...

Thank you! =)

Oh God, knowing who the cloud molesters were would have been fantastic!

Enmagi said...

I would love to be able to /point and /spank cloud molesters.

I was watching for them last time and ppl who had no reason to be anywhere near clouds were passing through them >.<

Niniel said...

Now phase 1 has been nerfed so that people won't be MC anymore. That's going to save a few clouds I think ;)