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First Hard mode done: Orbit-uary!

Last week we gave Flame Leviathan +2 a try for the first time and did a one shot. That made us want to at least get a feel for Flame Leviathan +4 at the start of this raiding week.

We didn't plan on spending the whole night but after the first two attempts we felt that it was very doable. Three hours later this evening and Heroic: Orbit-uary was achieved giving us Heroic: Nuked from Orbit as well and our first true heroic hard mode completed. That's realm 4th and Alliance 2nd for this achievement! :)

My primary role in this fight is getting launched on top of Flame Leviathan to kill the Leviathan Defense Turrets causing Systems Shutdown which is vital for the kill. My secondary role up top is to heal the secondary dps and myself. This is why I do this fight in my Moonkin spec. The damage up top isn't terrible but some heals are needed. Owlkin Frenzy is a very useful talent here as you'll get fired upon a lot and get pushbacks.

We have 2 teams of 2 people getting launched up top throughout the fight and the other team go as soon as the Systems Shutdown ends. Choppers have to pick up these teams when they fly off the boss and bring them back to the demolishers.

Here is the Flame Leviathan +4 fight from the eyes of the launching Demolisher passenger:

I start the fight on top of a demolisher to be immediately launched on top. I cast a rejuv on myself and my dps partner then trigger Starfall and go to town on the turrets. I'm resto, not balance at heart but you know...IS, MF, Wrath, Eclipse triggers, Starfire etc. Having a "/target Leviathan Defense Turret" macro helps a lot as there are lashers etc that may interfere if you tab target.

When the turrets are killed I spam a macro for my assigned chopper driver which whispers him to pick me up and I spam click the minimap. I hop onto my trusty chopper friend and he takes me to my demolisher which is occupied for the moment by one of the other dps launchees. I don't have to wait more than a couple of seconds until they launch though and then I hop aboard. First thing to check is the Pyrite ammo count. If it's low (say less than 20-25) then I'll start targeting Pyrite and pressing '3' to grab more ammo. If it's ok then I press '2' and shoot down more Pyrite from the air. It's important to have your demolisher fully armed when the Systems Shutdown starts as you want maximum benefit from that debuff on the boss. Shooting down and collecting Pyrite goes on until the next Systems Shutdown ends and as soon as the boss moves I press '6' to climb up to to be launched by the demolisher driver. The same procedure repeats until the boss is dead.


Aertimus said...

Congrats! Especially on skipping 3 and going right to 4! I don't think most of the people in LOKI would put up with that.

Sunkist said...

very cool. grats on the kill.

Niniel said...

Thanks! =)

Enmagi said...

Grats indeed.. we've been doing +2 for a while now, but we haven't made the jump to +4, or even +3. (we've been pushing to try and get to yogg still)

very cool indeed ;)

Niniel said...

Thank you Enmagi!
We did just like you, we didn't bother with Flame Leviathan before we got Yogg-Saron down first. I'm not sure where we'll focus next. Heartbreaker is pretty obvious but then maybe Freya or Council.

Good luck with Yogg-Saron! How close are you?

Enmagi said...

we're losing ppl in p2 still, I'm not sure exactly to what because I'm in the portals and the portal ppl aren't the ones dying.

I think it was going better last set of attempts they started moving together more smoothly as a group or something.

We're struggling with attendance issues at the moment though.. stupid summer. (as I leave for a 6 week vacation /wink)

Niniel said...

Hmm, it shouldn't really be possible to die up top as long as people are awake and stay away from crushers.
The risks and damage of P2 are in the portals with line of sight etc.

It's a good call to have everyone up top move as a group to ensure that everyone is withing dispelling range.

I predict that our signups will suffers greatly soon too.

Happy holidays! =)